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Story Behind the NoCodeMLApp

How did we end up with NoCodeMachineLearningApp (NoCodeMLApp)?

As I was saying, I wanted to analyze a large quantity of text data which led me to develop NoCodeMLApp. Why did I do it? 

I looked into R and Python Machine Learning libraries. These libraries are very powerful and extremely useful if you are serious about Machine Learning and Data Science.

Don't get me wrong. I am serious about ML and Data Science. And I am also immensely grateful to the Professionals and Scientists who have contributed in developing these very important libraries. 

I wanted a solution that will be as simple as "Point & Click". I wanted to focus on my Problem Domain and Data and not on coding. I also wanted to help bring Machine Learning to those who cannot or do not want to learn programming in R or Python or any other language. There are many scholars, students, scientists, enthusiasts, professionals who are interested in using Machine Learning and what it can offer in discovering new insights or exciting new developments. But they sometimes feel intimidated or unable to work with many excellent libraries written in popular programs such as R, Python, C#, Swift or Java among others. I wanted to develop a software solution that will make Machine Learning available for everyone who might be interested in finding the hidden patterns in their data. I wanted to make the software as simple as just "Point & Click".

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